Heap Seng Leong Coffee Shop


One of the few places left that serve the original ‘bulletproof’ coffee, or kopi with butter.  Heap Seng Leong is a unassuming little coffee shop, perfect to sit down for some peace and quiet, if that’s your thing.  Time does seem to slow down a little in this haven, with it’s old style furniture, complete with jars of those biscuits that Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, like me and dad, used to eat when we were growing up.


Orders are taken promptly by a soft-spoken gentleman and his father prepares the order. 2 kopi’s and a serving of toasted bread.  The butter had melted before I could snap a pic!


There is also a Malay stall, sharing the space, that serves up nasi lemak and epok epok (malay curry puff).


Do visit this nostalgic gem!

Address: 10 N Bridge Rd, #01-5109, 190010
Opening Hours: 4AM–8PM

Yan Ji Seafood Soup

The most tasty seafood soup I’ve ever had – Yan Ji Seafood Soup. Stall owner Aaron Khoo, banker turned hawkerpreneur, learnt from the original Yan Ji Seafood Soup owner in Woodlands, and setup this branch here at Old Airport Road.

He tells me that the reason it’s good is because it’s not the standard pre-cooked soup stock, and then just add in noodles and fish when the order comes. Each order is cooked fresh for 3 minutes on high heat to bring out the full flavour of all the ingredients, just like a home cooked meal (for this reason, you can’t just ask for more soup top up because they don’t have it pre-cooked!).

I had the crayfish soup ($10) and the bowl was full of good stuff – cray fish, a large prawn, fish, minced pork and veggie’s. Wifey had the standard seafood soup ($6) and it was really good too! Highly recommended!

Yan Ji Seafood Soup – Old Airport Road Food Centre, Stall 01-122 (near the female toilet). Open Tuesdays to Sundays, 11am-3pm and 5pm-8pm. Closed on Mondays.



Farrer Road Market

I’ve been going to Farrer Road Market since I was a kid. Mum would plonk my brother and I at the food centre while she went wet market shopping. She would come back intermittently to drop off her buys, and go and get some other stuff. Meanwhile, my brother and I would be happily eating a variety of local breakfast there!

I still love coming to the food centre here because it’s very spacious and airy. And it’s never overly crowded. My favourite dishes and stalls include: roast meat, char siew wanton mee, nasi padang, nasi briyani, ban mian, chai poh kway teow, economy rice, and old school soya bean curd.

Tong Ah Eating House

Tong Ah Eating House is located at 35 Keong Saik Road. It’s a really old coffee shop serving up the best crispy thin kaya toast, butter coffee, and soft-boil eggs – a classic and awesome Singaporean breakfast!!! They open from 7am daily, except closed on alternative Wednesdays (so better to just avoid Wednesdays lah!)

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