Al-Azhar Eating House at Upper Bukit Timah

Al-Azhar Eating House is located 11 Cheong Chin Nam Road – the row of shops at Upper Bukit directly opposite Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. Al-Azhar is a halal restaurant which serves a great variety of muslim, indian and thai food. They also have great local drinks like ice-limau and milo dinosaur. They are open 24 hours and it’s a great place for a late night supper.


Kim San Leng Teochew Porridge

This is my favourite teochew porridge place in Singapore – Kim San Leng Teochew Porridge is one of the most affordable and good teochew porridge stalls in Singapore. They are located at Blk 116 Henderson Road / Bukit Merah View. They are opened from 10.30am to 5.30am daily, except closed every Tuesday. Cheap and good food, in an old school coffee shop setting!

Joo Seng Teochew Porridge

Here’s a good teochew porridge place at Upper Bukit Timah Road, at the row of shop houses opposite Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, and just next to Beauty World MRT station along Downtown Line.

Joo Seng Teo Chew Porridge is at 14 Cheong Chin Nam Road, and they are open daily from 10am – 4am. Yep! Lunch, dinner and late night supper!

They managed to survive the few years of MRT construction works. They were less crowded before the MRT station open, but now that entire row of shops is buzzing with crowds most evenings.



Heap Seng Leong Coffee Shop


One of the few places left that serve the original ‘bulletproof’ coffee, or kopi with butter.  Heap Seng Leong is a unassuming little coffee shop, perfect to sit down for some peace and quiet, if that’s your thing.  Time does seem to slow down a little in this haven, with it’s old style furniture, complete with jars of those biscuits that Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, like me and dad, used to eat when we were growing up.


Orders are taken promptly by a soft-spoken gentleman and his father prepares the order. 2 kopi’s and a serving of toasted bread.  The butter had melted before I could snap a pic!


There is also a Malay stall, sharing the space, that serves up nasi lemak and epok epok (malay curry puff).


Do visit this nostalgic gem!

Address: 10 N Bridge Rd, #01-5109, 190010
Opening Hours: 4AM–8PM