Tong Ah Eating House

Tong Ah Eating House is located at 35 Keong Saik Road. It’s a really old coffee shop serving up the best crispy thin kaya toast, butter coffee, and soft-boil eggs – a classic and awesome Singaporean breakfast!!! They open from 7am daily, except closed on alternative Wednesdays (so better to just avoid Wednesdays lah!)

img_20161219_0921133 img_20161219_0921542 img_20161219_092310 img_20161219_092359 img_20161219_092910 img_20161219_093013 img_20161219_093348 img_20161219_093736  img_20161219_0939182 img_20161219_095816 img_20161219_100854 img_20161219_093755


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