Ghim Moh Blk 19 Zhi Char

Also known as New Century Cafe, this unassuming ‘tze char’ has been the default venue for many a Sunday family dinner for us.  And rightly so, for they have managed to maintain a consistent level of great quality.

Notable dishes include deep fried prawns, ‘green dragon’ vegetables, spicy fried crab (different from the usual chilli crab or black pepper), XO sliced fish noodle soup, assam fish head, spicy brinjal and minced pork, bitter gourd omelette, their signature lotus root dish, sambal petai, salted egg yolk chicken, sambal sweet potato leaf and ‘hong sao’ toufoo.  One of my family’s absolute fave is the steam boat fish tail.  The soup is so delish, my family never fails to ask for top up on the soup!

One other stall in the same coffee shop is also worth mentioning for their spicy ‘bee tai mak’ and ‘ter kah’ bee hoon.  Don’t forget to request for extra sambal belachan for that extra kick!  Yumz!

And be sure to cool off with a home brewed extra strong iced lemon tea!



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