Adam Road Hawker Centre

I’ve grown up eating at Adam Road Hawker Centre since I was a kid. The favourites here are the Mee Soto, Nasi Lemak, Soup Kambing, Sambal BBQ Stingray, Mutton Steak, and Cheng Tng.

bbq-seafood-stall-at-adam-road-hawker-centre cheng-teng-at-adam-road-hawker-centre cheng-teng-stall-at-adam-road-hawker-centre duck-rice img_1190 img_1192 img_1193 img_5606 img_5607 img_5608 img_5611 img_5612 img_5613 img_5614 img_5615 mutton-soup-adam-road-hawker-centre mutton-soup-stall sambal-stingray-with-rice-adam-road-hawker-centre


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