Old Airport Road Hawker Centre

Old Airport Road Hawker Centre is one of the largest hawker centres in Singapore with around 160 stalls. There are some stalls open for breakfast, but it really comes to life from lunch time onwards, to dinner, and into late night supper!!!

You can find most hawker food dishes there, including a small section of muslim halal food stalls (which I like the Ayam Penyet there!). Some of the other favourites are the char kway teow, hand-made chee cheong fun, pork rib noodles, wanton mee, prawn noodles, chai tow kway, etc.

img_4298 freshly-made-chee-cheong-fun-w-char-siew-old-airport-road-hawker-centre-01-155 carrot-cake-old-airport-road-hawker-centre lor-mee-old-airport-road-hawker-centre char-kway-teow-old-airport-road-hawker-centre pork-rib-noodles-old-airport-road-hawker-centre img_4793 img_4795 img_4799 img_4800 img_4802 img_4824 old-airport-road-hawker-centre img_4826 img_4827 img_4828 img_4829 img_4830 img_4831 img_4832 img_4833 img_4834 img_4835 img_4836 img_4837 img_0036 img_0037 img_0038 img_0039 egg-tarts-old-airport-01-38 img_1008 img_1012 img_1013 img_1194 img_1195 img_1197 img_1198 img_20141031_131337 img_20141031_131420 img_20141031_131607


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